China high quality Track Drive Planetary Speed Reducer Gearbox Replacement of Bonfiglioli 700C series near me supplier

Observe Drive Planetary Speed Reducer Gearbox Substitute of Bonfiglioli 700C sequence


Substitution gearbox for Bonfiglioli

Our Planetary gearbox, Wheel drive gearbox, Winch travel gearbox, and Keep track of drive gearbox, the set up measurement is just the same as Trasmital bonfiglioli, and the efficiency parameters are quite shut to Trasmital bonfiglioli, which can be employed rather of Trasmital bonfiglioli items.

Bonfiglioli Model 700C1H 701C1 703C2H 705C2H 706C3H 707C3B 709C3B
Our Product EP700C1H EP701C1 EP703C2H EP705C2H EP706C3H EP707C3B EP709C3B
Bonfiglioli Product 710C3B 711C3B 715C3B 716C3B 717C3H 718C3H 720C3H
our product EP710C3B EP711C3B EP715C3B EP716C3B EP717C3H EP718C3H EP720C3H

1. Infinity Planetary Gearbox
2. Compact construction
3. Lowered expense
4. Secure and reliable managing
5.Change Bonfiglioli, GFT

Ever-electricity 700C sequence planetary gearbox is unmatched by any crawler or milling equipment. These solutions are the ideal option for equipment owing to their compact and robust style, higher torque and load capability, and optional mechanical daily life seals. All units are outfitted with a fail-protected parking brake, and most units have the alternative of a mounted or variable system.

Hydraulic Ever-electrical power 700C series planetary gearbox is the perfect transmission resolution for wheeled or monitor-laying automobiles and other mobile gear. In addition, the Ever-power 700C series planetary gearbox is the greatest option for mobile, rotary, rotary, and other apps. Various design and style variations have proved the flexibility of these gear mechanisms. Owing to their incredibly compact shape, IFT gears are also ideal for room-crucial programs. The use of case hardened gears and nitrided ring gears, as well as high producing standards, make the driving system resilient and safe to run. The At any time-electrical power 700C collection planetary gearbox has the greatest all round effectiveness. The At any time-energy 700C series planetary gearbox device explained in this announcement requirements steady updating and technological development. In purchase to fulfill the special requirements of buyers in measurement and output, far more models can be presented on request. We are all set to give guidance and help when required and even locate the most suitable application solution for you at the undertaking phase.

Parameters of the Track Generate Planetary Velocity Reducer

Torque range  1,000 … 625,000 Nm (8,850 … 5,531,716 in-lb)
Gear ratios 5.twenty five … 492
Input pace up to 4,000 rpm
Brake possibilities Hydraulically introduced parking brake on request
Applicable motors Cartridge axial piston hydraulic motors
Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors
Hydraulic orbit motors

Software Of Proper Angle Planetary Gearbox

Construction (dryers, crushing machines, mixing mills, cranes, mobile scaffolds)
Material managing (gantry cranes, cellular dock cranes, movable stocks, bridge cranes)
Squander and sewage remedy (rotating filters, thickeners, clarifiers, Warm hoists, agitators)
Mine and quarry devices (drilling and excavation, device, selectors, classifiers, conveyors, crushing devices)
Wind energy (pitch drives, yaw drives) Substructures (movable roofs, movable gantries, piling)
Steel processing equipment (conveyors, extruders, slicing devices, roll benders, rolling mills)
Foodstuff industry (mixing machines, mixers, conveyors, fruit extractor machines)

Other Kinds of Planetary Gearboxes

Equipment Speed Reducer for Tracked Vehicle Equipment Speed Reducer for Winch Planetary Gear Reducer for Wheeled Motor vehicle
Planetary Slewing Drive Gear Speed Reducer for Wind Turbines Inline Planetary Gear Reducer
Right Angle Equipment Drives Electricity Wheel Planetary Gear Travel Feed Mixer Generate