China Standard Screw Piling Foundation Ground Foundation Helical Piles for Residential Square Bar Shaft Helical Piles & Extension shaft screw adapter

Product Description

Helical/screw piling foundation Square Shaft Helical Piers ground foundation helical piles for residential Square bar shaft helical piles & Extension

Product Description

Shaft material: Seamless high tensile pipe, confirms to ASTM A500 GRADE B or other customized material.

Helical MaterialASTM A36 hot rolled plate.

Corrosion protection confirms to ASTM153 stanard for hot dipped zinc coating.

Round shank anchors are hot dip galvanized to meet ASTM Specification A153.

Leading edge of helices beveled 45 degrees.

Greater section modulus strength to resist twisting and deflection.

Greater load capacities.




shaft Size


 Wall Thick


 Helix Thick


Helical Lead

Length (ft) 

 Helix Size


 Extension Length (ft)
 2.875OD  0.262  3/8 or 1/2  3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 8/10/12/14  3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 
 3.0OD 0.238  3/8 or 1/2  3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 8/10/12/14   3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 
 3.50OD 0.254/0.300   3/8 or 1/2  3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 8/10/12/14   3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 
 4.50OD 0.290/0.337  3/8 or 1/2   3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 8/10/12/14   3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 
 5.50OD 0.362   3/8 or 1/2  3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 8/10/12/14   3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 
6.625OD  0.562   3/8 or 1/2  3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 8/10/12/14   3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft


Packaging & Shipping

1. Packaging: Usually we shipping the products in 20ft’ container, or according to your demand.
2. Shipping: 6-8 weeks after confirming your order.


Our Service

OEM service is available, different materials and specifications can be customized according to your demands. From producing in our factory to shipping the goods directly to your port or company, we supply all-in-1 service for our customers. With the rich experience of dealing with shipping issue and custom clearance, we can make the most economical delivery plan for you and ensure the quick leading time.


Company Profile

Better Screw Co. is a subsidiary of Better Group Corp. Better Group Corp have several different subsidiaries focus on different fields such as Metal work, CNC Equipment, Investment, Construction, and Real Estate business. Better Screw Co. is the first class helical screws products supplier for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects as well as Underpinning and Anchoring. We offer a full range of helical piles, push piers, helical plates, lead sections, steel extensions, helical brackets, as well as all the accessories needed to put your job together. During the past 10 years, our reliable quality, crazy prices and professional service had been confirmed by customers from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and many other countries from all over the world.



1.Are your products the same as the ones in our local market?

Yes, our welding performed to America Standard AWS D1.1&EURO Standard EB287 and we manufactured millions of helical piers and a series of accessories for North American/Europen/Australian etc market during the past 10 years and very familliar with every detail of these products. We believe that there is no company in China is more professional than us on this product.


2. Is OEM service available?
Yes, OEM service is available, different materials and specifications can be customized according to your demands.


3. What is the minmum order quantity?

The MOQ for helical piers is 10tons for per specification. You can mix different sizes of posts to make up a full container. If you want to know the MOQ for other products, please feel free to contact us.



4. How long is your lead time?

Usually our production time for 1 container goods is about 5 to 8 weeks. If you order  many containers 1 time, our production time for the first container load is about  5 to 8 weeks, and the rest containers can be finished every 7 to 10 days apart. And the shipping time depends on your place of delivery.


5. What is your payment term?

Our payment term is the same as the most popular way of international trade, which is T/T.  We can receive the payment 1-3 days after you made payment.

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After-sales Service: Online Technical Support
Warranty: 50 Year Product Warranty
Transport Package: Customized
Trademark: Better Screw
Origin: China
US$ 55/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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China Standard Screw Piling Foundation Ground Foundation Helical Piles for Residential Square Bar Shaft Helical Piles & Extension   shaft screw adapterChina Standard Screw Piling Foundation Ground Foundation Helical Piles for Residential Square Bar Shaft Helical Piles & Extension   shaft screw adapter
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