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automated corrugated cardboard printer die cutter EPT for sale

  1. The principal complex parameters
Product Unit ZYKM2536
EPT roll diameter:(incEPT plate thick six) mm cent820
EPT roll size mm 3600
Within the EPT width mm 3900
Doing work speed piece/min eighty
Max.pringting region mm 2500 times3600
Max.feeding size mm 2560 times3700
Skip.feeding size mm 2760 times3700
Min.feeding measurement mm 550 times950
Adapt to cardboard thickness mm 2.five-12mm
Wall panel mm 60mm

one, printing plate roller
one) Print plate roll outer diameter #1092808 mm ltincXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. plate thickness outer diameter #1092820mm gt
2) The printing roller is manufactured of higher-good quality thick-walled seamless metal pipe, the surface area is difficult-poEPTd with challenging chrome and the pc is balanced.
3) The reel is mounted on the side and locked on one side, which can make the hanging version exact, hassle-free and quick.
four) Total model of the hanging groove, suited for 10mm hanging strips.
5) When loading and unloading the printing plate, the electric control of the foot change is convenient and fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble.
two, embossing roller
one) The outer diameter of the platen roller is #1092190mm.
2) Thick-walled seamless steel pipe, surface area complete, challenging chrome plating and pc dynamic balance correction.
3) Balance correction and easy operation.
4) The adjustment hole of the stress roller is controlled by a self-locking EPT box, and the dial is displayed with an adjustment selection of -12mm.
three, ink transfer roller
one) Anilox roller diameter #1092240mm.
2) Right after the surface area of the seamless steel pipe is poEPTd, the area is ground, and soon after casting the porcelain, the mesh is engraved and the electric power is
Mind balance correction. The dots are steady, the ink is evenly dispersed, and the provider daily life of the printing plate and the rubber roller is prolonged. The printing team metallic anilox roller is 200-280 mesh, and the ceramic roller is 200-550 mesh.
3) When the rubber roller and the anilox roller rotate, a pace distinction can be shaped, so that the rubber roller can wipe the ink.
four) Cooperate with the paper feeding system pneumatic automatic lifting system (the world wide web roller drops in speak to with the printing plate during printing,
When the printing is stopped, the anilox roller rises and separates from the printing plate, and the rubber roller routinely EPTs the ink to avoid the ink from stagnation.
4, even ink roller
one) The outer diameter of the rubber roller is #1092215mm.
2) Substantial-good quality seamless metal tube wrapped resilient, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant rubber and personal computer dynamic balance correction.
three) The rubber roller has high EPT grinding, medium and substantial diameter 2.2-2.5mm, and the ink transfer impact is good.
four) EPT roller gap adjustment adopts self-locking EPT box structure, dial screen, adjustment range -12mm.
5, phase adjustment system
1) Planetary EPT building.
two) EPT display period indication can make operation a lot more practical, intuitive and accurate.
three) The printing period adopts PLC touch EPT and button twin management manage and electric EPT 360 deg adjustment (can be modified by operating and stopping). The section adjustment precision can get to .15mm.
four) The printing plate roller is altered by the EPT motor, the inverter is managed, equipped with computerized reset method (return to zero) and the speed of the plate is quickly, and the precision of the plate is higher.
five) The EPT EPT and the paper feeding are automatically zeroed 1st, the precision can attain .5mm, then the period is immediately
Coarse adjustment, following the examination is printed, enter the fantastic adjustment of the quantity, which greatly reduces the squander of cardboard.
six, ink circulation composition
1) Pneumatic diaphragm pump, the ink supply is stable, the procedure and maintenance are simple, and the ink cup displays the amount of glue.
2) Ink filter to filter impurities.

seven. EPT stage fiXiHu (West Lake) device
one) Electromagnetic brake type brake mechanism, when the unit is separated and altered period, the brake mechanism restricts the EPT rotation and maintains the authentic tooth position set level.
eight, aXiHu (West Lake) adjustment mechanism
one) The electric adjustment system is adopted in the aXiHu (West Lake) direction, and the manage assortment is plusmn10 mm.
2) EPT show position indication makes the operation much more handy, intuitive and exact.
nine, the conveyor wheel adjustment framework
1) Swift-relocating wheel adjustment is handy and rapid.
10. Prior to the slotting, the printing team has a pre-pressing wheel element, and the cardboard following the pre-pressing line is not effortlessly broken. The pre-pressed higher and decrease rolls are manufactured of higher-quality thick-walled seamless metal tubes, and the surface is finely floor with tough chrome and corrected by laptop dynamic balance.

Slotted unit:

one) The higher strain wheel is lined with polyurethane to protect the plasticity of the cardboard from damage. The pressure wheel hole dial is manually adjusted, and the dial show adjustment information.
2) The slotting knife has a width of 7. mm. Alloy steel content, heat-handled grinding toothed slotting knife. EPT-piece trimming knife with sharp edge and higher precision.
three) Manually adjust the gap of the slotted tool holder, and the dial displaEPTthe adjustment information.
four) Slotted section adjustment system, planetary EPT construction. It adopts PLC personal computer and button twin system handle, electric powered EPT 360 degree adjustment (procedure and cease can be altered).
5) the upper and lower slotted seat, the traverse composition of the decrease creasing wheel on the force line, the aXiHu (West Lake) synchronous electric powered adjustment, and the precision lead screw make the motion much more fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble and precise. It adopts PLC pc and button dual method control.
6) The heigEPT of the box is adjusted to the planetary EPT framework, and the electric motor is synchronously altered. It adopts PLC computer and button dual method manage.
7) The outer diameter of the upper slotted shaft is #1092240 mm, and the outer diameter of the decrease slotted shaft is #1092190 mm. The high-top quality thick-walled seamless metal pipe is utilized, and the area is tough-poEPTd with tough chrome and the laptop dynamic harmony is corrected.
eight) The outer diameter of the creasing higher and reduced roller is #1092110 mm. It is made of large-quality thick-walled seamless steel pipe, and the floor is difficult-poEPTd with tough chrome and corrected by pc dynamic balance.

  in Sydney Australia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Automatic Corrugated Cardboard Printer Die Cutter Machine for Sale manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Sydney Australia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Automatic Corrugated Cardboard Printer Die Cutter Machine for Sale manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler